Interview with Alessandro Patti

What makes a timeless watch?

You could say this about any Cartier watch. We believe that the success of our watches is directly linked to the fact that Cartier’s style is beyond time. The Maison’s creations become milestones in a person's life, uninfluenced by fashion and trends.

Tell us more about the new Clé de Cartier watch

New creations at Cartier are always a complete work. From the case to the bracelet, all aspects of the watch are systematically reinvented, while keeping the long-established codes of the Maison that make them so recognizable.

Clé de Cartier is the perfect mix between timeless design and innovation and all has been made to make the watch unique.

What is so particular about it?

The fully new case design, also the crown and the new automatic movement.  
You will note that the round aperture is a perfect circle and that the profile is tense and arched, which brings modernism and comfort to this design.

The watch is signed with an entirely new shape of crown: a key ("clé" in French means key). With its novel shape, the key brings a new gesture to the world of watchmaking, one that recalls the traditional winding of an old clock. Its ergonomic design makes it extremely easy to handle and reinvents the conventional way to wind up a watch and set the time.

The entire collection comes on automatic movements and the 35 mm and 40 mm versions introduce a new in-house automatic caliber – the 1847 MC.
Named after the Maison’s founding date, this new manufacture mechanical movement with automatic winding has been entirely conceived, developed and assembled in Cartier’s Manufacture in Switzerland. Equipped with a stop-second mechanism and a semi-instantaneous date indicator, the 1847 MC movement allows for extremely easy and precise setting.
In accordance with the great tradition of Swiss watchmaking and Cartier’s savoir-faire, this new movement provides efficient time-keeping thanks to its qualities of robustness and durability.

The Clé de Cartier collection is for every taste, offered in three sizes with diameters ranging from 31 to 40 mm. The sizes have been carefully selected in order to suit every wrist.
Clé de Cartier is both a masculine and a feminine watch, the collection is available in all three gold colors, as well as in two-tone versions.
Available on both metal bracelet and alligator leather strap, Clé de Cartier offers two different facets of wear: daily casual or elegant classic.