A word from Benny Padani

Dear Friends,

I am pleased and proud to present you with the first edition of “Padani Moments” – the Padani Newsletter – which will deal with our activities in the world of fashion and jewelry, along with various other topics which we would like to share with you.

Even when my father, Henry Padani was the head of the company, we were aware that the most important thing in our company, aside from ensuring that we provide uncompromised quality in both materials and design, was the connection with the clients.

My father maintained close relationships with our customers, he knew them and they knew him. However, what worked in the twentieth century is no longer appropriate for the twenty-first century. Today our client base is much larger and the modes of communication have changed significantly. However, it is still possible, and extremely important to us to connect with you in a way which will be interesting, relevant and convenient. One way we have chosen is through the newsletter

The world of Padani is widespread and does not rest only on our products and showrooms. As a company which is at the cutting edge in the areas of design and technology, and which represents leading international luxury brands, we come into contact with a dynamic world rich in content, but which is not necessarily directly connected to the brands that we are selling. These are worlds of fascinating content and we would like to share them with you in the hopes that they will provide you with some inspiration.

In each newsletter we will present an array of up to the minute items, not only regarding our activities, but also regarding fashion, tourism, culture, food, luxury products and anything that interests us, and that we hope will interest you. We hope that you will enjoy “Padani Moments” and we promise to do our utmost to bring you items which will come to mind, whenever you look at the ring, necklace, watch or bracelet which you purchased at Padani.


We wish you all a very Happy Passover,