Padani’s Concept

פדני חנות קונספטThe new PADANI Concept Showroom could naturally fit in on Fifth Avenue in New York or Bond Street in London, but those who will enjoy this store will be the people who visit the Tel Aviv port and experience its design and luxury with the added bonus of a sea breeze.

The new complex is located in the building which previously housed the Galina Club, and the choice of this location at the Tel Aviv Port was based on the desire to facilitate the accessibility of PADANI and to create a unique and special shopping experience.

The concept showroom encompasses 700 sq. meters spread over two floors. This is exceptional not only in comparison with other high- end jewelry stores in Israel, but also with those abroad.

The ground floor, which is 420 sq.m. is where the PADANI watch and jewelry collections are displayed, and the Gallery on the second floor,  which is 250 sq.m. has been designated as the service center which includes one of the most advanced watch repair labs in the world.

הקמת חנות פדניThe planning and construction took approximately 6 months with an investment of about six million shekels.

The combination of the luxury of PADANI and its various products with the venue of the Tel Aviv Port, which is an area for leisure and recreation, provided the guidance for the challenge with which Meyrav Merenstein and her team of architects were faced. 

The openness and accessibility of the complex are accentuated by its vast open space and its large welcoming doors, and the combination of luxury and location are achieved by the use of creative integration of various materials such as bare concrete and steel beams alongside wooden floors and a gold partition embossed with the Violetto design.  Another element which hints at the connection to the sea is the large container on the main floor which houses the impressive display of watches.

פדני תכנון החנותThe concept showroom at the port is an innovative space which provides an amazing showcase for PADANI’S jewelry and luxury brand watches.

The combination of the hustle and bustle of the port and the uncompromising design and high standards by which the complex was constructed, create a truly unique shopping experience. 

.We invite you to stop by and see for yourself

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