With this ring… A moment before

Gini Joiner couldn’t believe her eyes:  she went to a movie, and suddenly, during the previews, she was amazed to see (as were f the rest of the audience) a marriage proposal which her future husband and her father had taped.  This moving proposal appeared on You Tube and received 32 million views.
Amy Lamb from Portland was no less surprised when her boyfriend’s brother asked her to sit in the car to listen to a song which turned out to be a very emotional marriage proposal and included over sixty friends and family who sang and danced to the song Marry You by Bruno Mars. The result:  a big “Yes” and 30 million views on You Tube.
This trend of grandiose marriage proposals is constantly growing, as is the concept of the engagement –the period of time between the proposal and the actual marriage ceremony.  In the past less importance was paid to the period of the engagement, but today things are different – all of Britain was ecstatic when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, the wedding itself took place six months later.
Engagement rings are usually of the Solitaire type which is a ring with only one stone – usually a diamond – although sometimes there is a central diamond set with other good stones set around it.  In most cases these are gold rings, but there are no “rules” and one can choose yellow gold, white gold or pink gold.  The engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, and after the wedding, the wedding band and the engagement ring are worn together on the same finger.
With the wide variety of engagement rings that we have at PADANI, it will be no problem to find the special ring which is suited to your future bride, one which will complete the perfection of your marriage proposal and the period of engagement, and which will accompany you for many years to come and be a constant reminder of that special moment.

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